Starting Guide

Last updated @ August 5 at 07:26 a.m. UTC

How To Begin?

To get started, here are a few commands to know to get your first pokemons and pokecoins

Command(s) What it does Extra information
;p A pokemon spawns when you enter this command. Due to limits by Discord, there would be a 7 second delay (where bot wouldn't respond at all). You should catch every pokemon as this is a good source of pokecoins
pb, gb, ub, prb, mb After using ;p, type one of those commands to choose the ball to use pb = pokeball, gb = greatball, ub = ultraball, prb = premierball, mb = masterball. Learn more about different balls in the items page
;cl This brings up a checklist of things you should do daily
  • ;daily: Gives you some rewards daily
  • ;vote: Gives you a votecoin and lootbox. Can be claimed every 12 hours
  • ;quest: Gives yu a quest to complete while catching pokemon
  • ;catchbot: This bot can catch pokemon for you and costs coins to run. To read more about catchbot costs head over to charts and catchbot calculator page
  • ;swap: Gives you some rewards daily

Adviseable Investment

1. Have 50+ Pokemon balls

  • You want to be able to catch pokemon at all times
  • Master balls have 100% catch rate so you should always have one at hand in case a legendary or shiny appears!


Pokemon rarity Ball to use
Common(c), uncommon(u) pokeball (pb)
Rare(r) greatball (gb)
Super Rare (sr) ultraball (ub)
Legendary (L), Event shinies (s) masterball (mb)
Full odd shinies (s)* premierball (prb)

* = previous event shinies

2. Get Amulet coins

You get a 5% PokeCoin bonus per catch! You can have up to 10 of them, meaning you can get at 50% bonus per catch.

3. Invest in catchbot

Brings back x amount of pokemons over a specified duration of time - at the cost of PokeCoins. DO NOT run this bot before you make sufficient upgrades. The other in which you should upgrade should be cost -> pokemon -> duration.

Catchbot Calculations

In order to calculate the point of break even for an upgraded bot, you need some math. Therefore, if you catch nothing but commons and it covers the cost of the bot - you are consistently making profit since it's unlikely you would catch nothing but commons.


  • Cost level 6 (Any less and you will not gain profit even with the latter two upgrades being max), Pokemon level 4/5, Duration level 3
  • Then upgrade to Cost level 8/9, Pokemon level 6/7, and a few levels of Duration

4. Promo VS. Shiny Charm

50 vote coins equals to a promo (golden) pokemon or 1 shiny charm. What you want depends on your interests in golden pokemons - however do note that golden pokemons are only avaliable for a limited time and is unlikely to return.

Shiny charms increase your chances of encountering a shiny, with a stack of up to 5. The probability of encounting a shiny based on the number of charms can be seen below

Number of charms Probability
0 1/8192
1 1/8111
2 1/8031
3 1/6953
4 1/7877
5 1/7802

Other Advice


Since quests are always about the pokemons that spawn, you should activate your quest before you begin catching pokemons.

Additional Information

  • Write ;quest, or ;q, to view your ongoing quests and/or activate a new one
  • You can have only 3 quests at a time
  • A new quest can be activated every 2 hours if there are less than 3 ongoing quests
  • You can switch an existing quest with a new one using a quest scroll. To learn more, look at the items page.

Save, sell, or release?

If a player is interested in this pokemon, then selling it to them is most likely more profitable than releasing it. Pokemons with a rarity of common to super rare can be released. However, any higher rarity pokemons (shiny/legendary/golden) should be kept, or traded away.

Release rates

Rarity Amount of coins
Common 150 PokeCoins
Uncommon 300 PokeCoins
Rare 500 PokeCoins
Super Rare 1,000 PokeCoins
Legendary 10,000 PokeCoins
Shiny 25,000 PokeCoins

Prices for selling Pokemons

Newly added pokemons usually have a spike in pricing, which decrease overtime as they become more common. Therefore, these pokemons should be sold asap (during the rush), or kept for yourself.

At the same time, if it's a difficult to obtain pokemon, then the price increase over time instead.

Overall, prices tend to fluctuate a lot depending on rarity, amount, and demand (for example, when a pokemon is needed for an event) - therefore its difficult to know when a pokemon should be sold exactly. We stronly recommend checking out the trading etiquette page for useful advices.

How many of each ball should I have at all times?

  • 50 Pokeballs, 30 Greatballs, 10 Ultraballs, 0/1 Premierball, 1 Masterball
  • For more active players - 200 Pokeballs, 100 Greatballs, 50 Ultraballs, 1 Premierball, 1 Masterball
  • Always buy another premierball/masterball once you use the once you got! You never know, the next pokemon might be another legendary...

General swap ticket information

You should save your swap tickets until you can achieve a higher multiplier. A 1% multiplier boost occurs every 20 swaps, with an additional multiplier at 200 swaps, bringing the total boost to 15%.

Since the pokemon you receive is random, we advise you to only swap common pokemons. To learn more, check out the swap chart.

General rare candy information

You should save your rare candies for when your buddy has reached at high level to maximize it's value. To learn more, check out the rare candies page.